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Drought Proof Your Yard

Drought Proof Your Yard
We need to prepare right now for a future where water will be less abundant. Drought proof your yard by improving soil health, zeroscaping, aerating, and altering your irrigation schedules all of these tips in detail are found in this article. 

Hidden Hazards in Your Vacation Home

Your home is an integral part of your carefully crafted lifestyle. There might be a hidden danger that may affect your health and well-being. Stagnant water isn’t just sitting water that tastes musty and stale. Stagnant water is a term used for water that has become putrid, contaminated, and unsafe. When water sits in your plumbing for a long time without being used, it becomes an incubator for bacteria and parasites. Park City is filled with second homes and vacation homes that sit unused for months at a time, the water in many of those homes is just crawling with bugs. Really. You can’t topically disinfect your way to safe water.