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Market sectors with a demonstrated need for our "Leading Edge" rapid analysis technology:

  • Municipal water and wastewater
  • Industrial water and wastewater
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Water well drilling
  • Groundwater remediation
  • Agricultural water

THE RETEGO system for measuring critical water parameters is our leading edge technology centered on more than 20 years of scientific experience in the treatment and monitoring of industrial water and waste waters. Our tests are conducted on-site and deliver fast, accurate water monitoring within minutes without the need for specialized training or liquid reagent handling. All sample results are digitally processed, allowing electronic report distribution to anyone, anywhere a snap!

RETEGO Labs was founded in October of 2014 by Christopher Lloyd and Les Merrill. As Chris and Les were exploring the possibility of establishing a new business venture there was one common denominator that became obvious: all of the water treatment technologies and processes they've worked with have a critical need for accurate, precise and timely water quality information.

We welcome your comments and questions and are excited to bring this revolutionary testing methodology to the market!

Christopher Lloyd, Ph.D (Chemistry – University of Utah 1996)

Chris is a founding partner of RETEGO and currently serves as our Vice President of Technology. In this position Chris is responsible for the technical development of the RETEGO instrumentation, chemical tests, and custom test requests. His familiarity with complex water chemistries and microbiology has enabled him to develop new anti-corrosion and scale cleaning treatment chemicals and processes and optimize water treatment processes, including the implementation of hydrogen sulfide treatments and bioremediation protocols and analysis to mitigate oil spills. He has extensive experience in developing analysis methods for scale indices in municipal and industrial water supplies as well as sampling methods for indicators of corrosion. Chris also has extensive experience in monitoring water supplies for microbiological activity and the detection of pathogenic species therein. He has five U.S. issued patents for the detection and identification of microbial activity and other biological markers as well as other patent applications for detection of chemical species in water and water treatment. 

Les Merrill, President 

Les is a founding partner of RETEGO and currently serves as President. His 40 years of experience in manufacturing, international project management and sales to the Water and Wastewater industries have given Les a unique insight into water challenges around the world. Les is often invited to participate in numerous national and international water treatment and quality conferences, as both Speaker and Moderator. He has two issued patents relating to the treatment of complex oilfield produced and flowback water and other patent applications relating to water treatment.


Until recently, daily testing and data management of essential water quality parameters relied on an assortment of laboratory analyses and a broad range of on-site testing equipment and kits. Those kits often involve several sample preparation steps and, verification of the data required additional testing.

RETEGO's enhanced technology brings your critical water analyses into a single instrument that is designed for ease of use without the need to handle difficult reagents. It comprises two components:

  1. A rugged, field-portable detector that specifically calculates each analyte results through a combination of colorimetric and fluorescence measurements. This combination generates precise and accurate readings that cannot be matched by any other field testing instrument on the market today.
  2. Disposable single-use vials containing a pre-measured stable mixture of all chemical components needed to conduct a specific water sample analyte assay.

    Technology Description

    Our proprietary spectrometer (TTR) is coupled with fluorescence optics for detection of a wide array of water testing parameters. (Visit our "Products" section of the website to see our ever expanding list of parameters.)  The detector provides analysis of pre-dosed, disposable sample tubes that eliminate the need for liquid reagents as well as removing multiple steps from the assay. The field meter and kit we've developed has the following characteristics which provide several benefits for use in water management:

    Super Simple Ease of use:

    Analysis requires only three simple steps: 1) filling the prepared test container(s) with the water to be tested, 2) capping the container and mixing by inversion 3-5 times and 3) inserting the container into the instrument and pressing a button.


    1 to 3 minutes from start to finish for most tests.

    Immediate Results:

    Sampling results will be immediately available by display and will be stored in the TTR's dedicated internal database for report generation and retrieval

    Extended Dynamic Range:

    The RETEGO system was designed to function over an extended dynamic range, thus minimizing time and errors that are associated with dilution of the original sample. The testing is designed to adjust to the sample.


    By eliminating titrations, water characteristics can be more accurately determined. High resolution and accurate data helps operational managers with important tasks such as dosing control, understanding variability of sources for blending, need for flushing, etc.

    Low Cost:

    Competitively priced reagents, coupled with significantly lower labor cost, will drive cost savings for field testing and improved results will enable water managers and operations staff to treat water to meet their needs.

    Specifically Designed for Complex Waste Waters:

    This system was designed to handle interferences that are typically present in complex waste waters.


    All Retego products are designed to provide critical water monitoring in a rapid, inexpensive, accurate manner that is compatible with municipal / industrial water and wastewater samples, without specialized training.

    Product Information:

    RETEGO Brochure (PDF File)

    Contact Information:

    Les Merrill, President 

    Mobile:  801-209-5460

    Email:   lmerrill@retegolabs.com