Welcome to RETEGO Labs


RETEGO Labs was established in October of 2014 to develop a rapid, robust and highly accurate field method of determining critical water quality parameters in complex municipal and industrial water and waste-water applications.  We are now able to economically bring this level of expertise into your home.  Knowing what your water is, within your home, is an important part of Properly Configuring your water conditioning systems. 

THE RETEGO system for measuring critical water parameters is our leading edge technology centered on more than 20 years of scientific experience in the treatment and monitoring of industrial water and waste waters. Our US Patent was issued in September of 2019 and our International patents are pending. 

Our tests are conducted on-site and deliver fast, accurate water monitoring within minutes without the need for specialized training or liquid reagent handling. All sample results are digitally processed, allowing electronic report distribution to anyone, anywhere a snap!

We welcome your comments and questions and are excited to bring this revolutionary testing methodology to the market!