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Our Commitment to you:

We will focus on your water, and how to help you find the most affordable customized solution.

Knowing the specific water chemistry, within your home, is an important part of Properly Configuring your water conditioning system.  Those key words "Properly Configured" will ensure that your water conditioning system is customized for your unique water chemistry.

What we are talking about is a comprehensive chemical study of your water.  This is NOT your typical “Free” water test. Using a newly patented lab testing device we conduct on-site lab quality tests that delivers accurate and precise water results within minutes.

With your homes’ water chemistry analysis, we know exactly how to “Properly Configure” a customized solution.  For example, maybe you have higher than normal amounts of magnesium or other minerals in your water.  In that case we’d configure a system to address all of the issues at once.  Failing to do so would mean you’d still get buildup on your fixtures and appliances.  There are dozens of scenarios like this easily addressed with accurate information and the ability to customize a solution.

One-size-fits-all water solutions are much like one-size-fits-all shoes.  You might get lucky, and they fit but for most they’ll either just kind of fit or not fit at all.  We found a way to get an exact fit for your homes unique water chemistry by working directly with a local water system manufacturer, Crusader Water Systems. 

As your local Crusader Water Dealer, RETEGO is now able to customize each system based on your homes unique water chemistry and perfectly balance your water. 

There are systems out there that are “pretty good” but pretty good isn’t good enough when it comes to our family’s health and safety. 

Let us show you how you can have Fantastic Water!!!

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