Testing Services

Our Community Water Departments are doing a GREAT JOB and go to great lengths to ensure that the water in your home meets or exceeds EPA standards and compliance.

You still might notice some corrosion on your faucets, stains in your sink or toilets, salty tasting water, or water that has an odor. All of these are signs that while the water coming to your house might meet regulations, it may be reacting with something within your plumbing system.

While your water provider is responsible for the quality of water that is available at your property line up to the meter, you are responsible for your water quality in your home.

How your house water might be affecting your health
There are many different water factors that could be affecting your health. Maybe you live in an area where the water is just a touch saltier than the standard baseline. While this might be within the EPA standards of compliance, if you have a heart condition, and you cook with the water or drink your recommended eight glasses of water a day, you might be consuming more than the recommended daily amount of sodium for someone with a heart condition.

Or perhaps your home has older pipes. Lead and copper could be a factor, causing illness and some gastrointestinal disorders. Many choose to soften their water to improve the performance of their detergents and to minimize cleaning of hard water deposits from their fixtures, but a water softener that is not backwashing properly could be adding more sodium into your water and causing unexpected corrosion problems in appliances and fixtures. Additionally, even slight variations in pH or alkalinity outside the norm could be playing a role in skin conditions, or even your plants’ health.

Because homeowners are responsible for what they consume “at the end of the pipe”, it is helpful to know exactly what is in your water. Thankfully, this can be done with simple, easy, and quick testing methods provided by RETEGO Labs.

Getting the RESULTS for your home
With just a small sample, you will see the results for your home’s water contents, including: Calcium, Alkalinity, pH, Sulfate, Chloride, Magnesium, Lead, Copper, Total Iron, Sodium, Total Chlorine, TDS, Conductivity. With this information we will calculate your Cation / Anion Balance, Chloride / Sulfate Mass Balance (CSMR). Langelier Saturation Index (LSI), Puckorius Scaling Index (PSI), Ryzner Stability Index (RSI). Salinity, Sodium Adsorption Ratio (SAR), Dissolved Inorganic Carbon (DIC), Aggressive Index (AI), Hardness, and Grains per Gallon (GPG). And then, we’ll tell you what this all means!

Knowing exactly the contents of your home’s water can help you pinpoint any changes that may be necessary for the adjustment of water softeners, pipes, etc.