Who are we?


Christopher Lloyd, Ph.D (Chemistry – University of Utah 1996)

Chris is a founding partner of RETEGO and currently serves as our Vice President of Technology. In this position Chris is responsible for the technical development of the RETEGO instrumentation, chemical tests, and custom test requests. His familiarity with complex water chemistries and microbiology has enabled him to develop new anti-corrosion and scale cleaning treatment chemicals and processes and optimize water treatment processes, including the implementation of hydrogen sulfide treatments and bio-remediation protocols and analysis to mitigate oil spills. He has extensive experience in developing analysis methods for scale indices in municipal and industrial water supplies as well as sampling methods for indicators of corrosion. Chris also has extensive experience in monitoring water supplies for microbiological activity and the detection of pathogenic species therein. He has five U.S. issued patents for the detection and identification of microbial activity and other biological markers as well as other patent applications for detection of chemical species in water and water treatment.

Leslie Douglas Merrill, President

Les Merrill is a founding partner of RETEGO and currently serves as President. His 40 years of experience in manufacturing, international project management and sales to the Water and Wastewater industries have given Les a unique insight into water challenges around the world.   Les is often invited to participate in numerous national and international water treatment and quality conferences, as both Speaker and Moderator.  He has two issued patents relating to the treatment of complex industrial wastewaters and other patent applications relating to water treatment.