1. The RETEGO TTR-2 Spectrometer

$ 9,875.00

The Patent Pending RETEGO TTR-2 Water Testing device is a rugged, field-portable detector that accurately and precisely calculates the analyte in the test vial using a combination of colorimetric and fluorescence measurements resulting in extensive detailed readings no competitor comes close to reaching. 

Used in combination with RETEGO's Patent Pending pre-dosed sample vials a wide range of common contaminates can be detected and reported within seconds.

The TTR-2 is provided with a Microsoft Surface computer configured with the RETEGO open architecture Graphical User Interface (GUI) pre-installed for ease of use. Reports can be saved in PDF, Excel or CSV format at your discretion. 

The following type of report can be generated onsite, enabling you to provide the appropriate response and reaction.  Why wait a week for the information?

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