2. Water Quality Evaluation Services

$ 100.00 $ 150.00

Do you KNOW your Water?

You may know your Fat and Cholesterol levels, how many Calories you use, your heart rate, how many steps taken every day, your Blood Pressure and may even know your A1C!  We are constantly bombarded by health facts and data. But do you know your water quality?

Municipal and Utility Water Districts, Cities, States and Federal agencies are constantly testing the water and are providing compliant, clean and safe water to our homes. Water providers are required by law to present an annual summary of their water quality.  They monitor water closely, test the water regularly and report on water quality through their Consumer Confidence Reports.

That’s all we need to know, right?

There are water treatment products and filtration equipment on the market today that may not be compatible with your tap water (even if they are certified safe).

Some questions to ask yourself:

  1. My Water Heater was still under warranty...why did it go out?
  2. Why are my faucets corroding? 
  3. What is causing that stain in my sink?
  4. Why does my water taste salty or fishy?
  5. What is that odor in my water?

Your water providers are responsible for the quality of water that is available at your property line up to the meter.  You are responsible for your water quality in your homes.

RETEGO is now offering, a testing service designed to provide you a detailed analysis of your water quality after the meter, including the characteristics of water from softeners, ion exchange units of other treatment systems.  We have services available in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, College Station, San Antonio and Austin, Texas regions.  If you are interested in this service outside of these areas please give us a call, we are ready to expand!

Results Provided:





Halide (as Chloride)




Total Iron


Active Chlorine

Total Chlorine



Cation / Anion Balance

Chloride / Sulfate Mass Balance (CSMR)

Langelier Saturation Index (LSI)

Puckorius Scaling Index (PSI)

Ryzner Stability Index (RSI)


Sodium Adsorption Ratio (SAR)

Dissolved Inorganic Carbon (DIC)

Aggressive Index (AI)


Grains per Gallon (GPG)


With accurate information now in hand, you will have the knowledge to address your home or businesses concerns on water related problems.  

RETEGO offers Three Testing Options. Pricing is based on the number of locations to be sampled:

Test of Three Locations:  A comprehensive analysis of water from your tap before any installed filter/conditioner and a sample after any installed filter/conditioner.  The third sample will be after your water heater or boiler to determine if there are scaling or corrosion related issues.

Test of Two Locations:  A comprehensive analysis of your water from your tap before any installed filter/conditioner and a sample after any installed filter/conditioner to determine the effectiveness of the treatment process.

Test of One Location:  A comprehensive analysis of your water at your tap before any installed filter/conditioner.  This test will give your water consultant all the information they need to properly evaluate any needed specific treatment needs.

All three options come with a description of each analyte and what the results mean to you.

We are not selling or promoting ANY particular treatment equipment or plumbing service.  Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make prudent decisions.  Please feel free to call Les Merrill at 801-209-5460, anytime, for additional information. 

KNOW what’s in your water!

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