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Who we are

Christopher Lloyd, Ph.D (Chemistry – University of Utah 1996)

Christopher R. Lloyd, PhD, (Chemistry, University of Utah) is a founding partner of Retego Labs, LLC and currently serves as the Vice President of Technology. He was responsible for the technical design and development of Retego’s patented chemical tests and analyte detection instrumentation and methodologies. He is an experienced chemist and microbiologist who has developed novel analytical laboratory and field methods for clinical diagnostic, security, environmental and residential service industry applications for a variety of private laboratories and government agencies. Dr. Lloyd holds several US and international patents for devices that detect and measure inorganic analytes in water critical for scale and corrosion, as well as microorganisms, proteins and DNA from environmental samples. Dr. Lloyd's peer-reviewed publications include a variety of studies detailing the rapid detection of environmental bacteria from arctic to desert locations, as well as the quantitation and taxonomic identification of pathogens and toxins from food, water and clinical samples. He is a current member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, National Association of Corrosion Engineers, Water Quality Association, Pacific Water Quality Association and the Eastern Water Quality Association.

Les Merrill, President

Leslie Merrill, is a founding partner of RETEGO Labs, LLC and currently serves as President and leads all efforts for product and business development, manufacturing and strategic relationships. His 40 years of experience in manufacturing, international project management and sales to the Water and Wastewater industries have given Les a unique insight into water challenges around the world. Mr. Merrill is often invited to participate in numerous national and international water treatment and quality conferences as an Instructor, speaker and/or moderator. He holds several US and international patents relating to the treatment of complex industrial waste waters and other patent applications relating to water treatment. Les currently serves on the Advisory Council for the International Water Conference and is an active member of the Water Quality Association, Pacific Water Quality Association and Eastern Water Quality Association.

Our Commitment to you:

We will focus on your water, and how to help you find the most affordable customized solution.

Here’s something many people don’t realize. Cities and municipalities provide good, safe water. Depending on the area it may be harder or softer, but it’s safe and reliable. When that water enters your home, it enters a new environment. This environment is created by the differing pipes, connections and appliances within your home. Because of this, your home’s chemistry is unique from your neighbors next to you or across the street.

Knowing your specific water chemistry is an important part of properly configuring your water conditioning system. Those keywords “properly configured” will ensure that your water conditioning system is customized for your unique water chemistry.

What we are talking about is a comprehensive chemical study of your water. This is NOT your typical “free” water test. Using a newly patented lab testing device (the TTR) we conduct on-site lab quality tests that deliver accurate and precise water results within minutes. Not hours or days, or weeks, but minutes (our in-home tests usually take 30-45 minutes). 

With your home’s water chemistry analysis, we know exactly how to configure a customized solution. For example, maybe you have higher than normal amounts of magnesium or other minerals in your water. These levels aren’t addressed in the commonly used free tests. High magnesium results in buildup in your faucets and appliances (reducing their lifespan and effectiveness). This isn’t something that can be cured by adding more salt. Oftentimes, more salt can cause a host of other problems.

There are dozens of scenarios like this easily addressed with accurate information and the ability to customize a solution. One-size-fits-all water solutions are much like one-size-fits-all shoes. You might get lucky, and they fit but for most they’ll either just kind of fit or not fit at all.  We found a way to get an exact fit for your home’s unique water chemistry by working directly with a local water system manufacturer, Crusader Water Systems. As your local Crusader Water Dealer, Retego is now able to customize each system based on your homes unique water chemistry and perfectly balance your water.

There are systems out there that are “pretty good” but pretty good isn’t good enough when it comes to our family’s health and safety.

You can know the quality of water in your home. We make it understandable and controllable.

Let us show you how you can have Fantastic Water!

To schedule your water evaluation Call Les at (801) 209-5460

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