Commercial Water Testing

Helping customers know the water in their homes and businesses.

As you know, municipal and utility water districts, cities, states and federal agencies are constantly testing the water to provide compliant, clean and safe water to homes and businesses. Municipalities and districts are required by law to present an annual summary of their water quality. They monitor water closely, test the water regularly and report on water quality through their Consumer Confidence Reports.

And, that’s all many people feel they need to know, right? Many of your customers likely don’t understand that water providers are only responsible for the water quality up to the meter and property line. They are responsible for the quality of water in their homes and properties.

Here’s the part many don’t understand: The chemical makeup of that compliant, clean and safe water changes when it enters a property’s pipes. This change can be minimal or drastic depending on the piping, connections, and appliances. It’s not a matter of the water being soft or hard, it goes deeper and has greater implications.

Some questions your customers may have asked

  • Why am I going through water heaters so fast? (While you deal with the headache of honoring repeated warranty claims)
  • Why are my faucets corroding?
  • What is causing that stain in my sink?
  • Why does my water taste salty or fishy?
  • Why does my skin feel extra dry?
  • Why is my water blue? Or green?
  • What is that odor in my water?
  • Why are all my plants suffering?

Retego is now offering, a testing service designed to provide your customers a detailed analysis of your water quality after the meter, including the characteristics of water from softeners. We have services available in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, Greater Denver, Colorado,College Station, San Antonio and Austin, Texas regions. If you are interested in this service outside of these areas please give us a call, we are ready to expand!

We don’t test for hardness or softness alone.We find out how the water environment in the home has affected the water coming into it.  If there’s a problem, we can work with you to provide your customers options to fix it.

Here is the full (and growing) list of water quality issues we test 

With complete and accurate information now in hand, you can guide your customers in how to address their home concerns on water related problems. Both you and your customer get an accurate picture of what’s happening inside their pipes.

Here are the products we recommend:

Retego is an authorized Crusader Water Systems Dealer serving Davis, Salt Lake, Summit and Weber Counties.

Our professional-grade water quality improvement products are designed to address a broad range of residential and commercial water quality management issues including sediment, color, odor, hardness, chlorine, and other contaminants such as heavy metals, arsenic, lead, cysts, pesticides, herbicides, and pharmaceuticals. (and for you folks in Bountiful - it does a great job on Radium as well!!)

The Crusader Brand was envisioned over 20 years ago to help American homes and businesses win the fight against hard water and other water quality problems. Crusader Systems are being used around the world in homes, restaurants, hotels, motels, dairies, wineries, breweries, conference centers, and manufacturing facilities.

Obsessive quality control is mission-critical to the Crusader brand. Our salt tanks, mineral tanks, and control valves are manufactured with pride in ISO 9001-2000 certified facilities to ensure the highest level of quality and reliability. In addition to using industry-leading mechanical assemblies, our structural matrix resins and innovative electronic controls are specifically engineered in the USA to make our systems stronger, more reliable, and more efficient than our competitors.

Crusader Systems are only sold by AuthorizedCrusader Dealers who work throughout the country to help people and businesses enjoy the benefits of clean water. These dealers are local plumbing and water treatment professionals, so you will enjoy the confidence of knowing that your system is the highest quality and is being installed and maintained by the best in the area.

Crusader Water Systems

  • Offers advanced pH control
  • Controls heavy metals such as copper and lead
  • Balances your water hardness, chlorine, fluoride, and radon levels.

Active Armour

  • Provides scale and corrosion control.
  • Forms a microscopic barrier on the inner surface of the pipe.
  • Protects pipes, and most often avoids the potential re-piping issues.
  • Re-mineralized RO Drinking Water System
  • Keeps your drinking water fresh, safe, and balanced.
  • Configured to your taste.

ProGuard Integrated Bacteriostatic Media

  • Controls bacteria in your entire system, negating any bacteria related corrosion.
  • Extends the life of the Ion exchange resins.

You’re already your customer’s hero in so many ways. Retego is here to help you cement that even more by not only helping your customers know their water, but how to make it even better than they had imagined.

Give your customers another reason to trust you: Accurate biology. Retego knows water. We want you to know it too. Contact us.