Retego Custom Tailored Certification program

What Is the Retego Custom Tailored (CT) Certification program?

The program rewards home and property owners for testing and remediating damaged water problems as they are detected.Certification validates the purity, safety, and correct balance of the water system for homeowners.

“Custom Tailored” has always been part of Retego Labs mission and services. Every home is different, every person's water is different, it is necessary to make the solution custom tailored to your customer’s particular water environment.

How do my customers receive the Retego CT Certificate?

The first step is to contact us. We not only custom tailor water, we will tailor our efforts to do whatever is best to help you in your plumbing business.

We created the TTR to test water in minutes, not hours, days or weeks. We can work with you as your subcontractor to test the water in your customer’s property. You can even purchase your own TTR and do the testing yourself. Again, contact us and we can discuss.

Once the full picture of the chemistry of your customer’s water is complete, a custom tailored solution will be presented to you to share with your customer. If they choose to install all of the recommended products to make their water now and forever balanced, they will receive this certificate, validating that they have chosen to make their water the most safe and balanced it can be for their home or property.

Why did Retego Labs create this certification?

The certification was created in response to the EPA's recently revised Lead and Copper Rule. Released in December of 2021this rule makes it clear that the homeowner is responsible for the water in their homes AND lowered the safe allowance of metals in your drinking water.

“We offer something really unique with our scientific and industrial backgrounds, and our innovative TTR testing system. We are able custom tailor our products to every home so that they can be assured their water will be safe for years to come.”— Chris Lloyd, Ph.D and Founding Partner

Give your customers another reason to trust you: Accurate biology. Retego knows water. We want you to know it too. Contact us.