Retego Custom Tailored Certification program 

What Is the Retego Custom Tailored (CT) Certification program?

The program rewards homeowners for testing and remediating damaged water problems as they are detected. Certification validates the purity, safety, and correct balance of the water system for homeowners.

“Custom Tailored” has always been part of Retego Labs mission and services. Every home is different, every person's water is different, it is necessary to make the solution custom tailored to your home’s particular water environment.

How do I receive the Retego CT Certificate?

The first step to receiving this certification is to CLICK HERE to schedule an in-home water consultation.

A Retego Labs consultant will use the TTR to test your home's water. This process takes 30 minutes and is completed right in your home. The standard test includes a comprehensive review of scale &corrosion, hardness and general water quality.

Once the full picture of the chemistry of your water is complete, a custom tailored solution will be presented for your consideration. If you choose to install all of the recommended products to make your water now and forever balanced, you will receive this certificate, validating that you have chosen to make your water the most safe and balanced it can be for your family.

What products do Retego Labs recommend?

Retego is an authorized Crusader Water SystemsDealer serving Davis, Salt Lake, Summit and Weber Counties.

 Our professional-grade water quality improvement products are designed to address a broad range of residential and commercial water quality management issues including sediment, color, odor, hardness, chlorine, and other contaminants such as heavy metals, arsenic, lead, cysts, pesticides, herbicides, and pharmaceuticals. (and for you folks in Bountiful - it does a great job on Radium as well!!)

The Crusader Brand was envisioned over 20 years ago to help American homes and businesses win the fight against hard water and other water quality problems. Crusader Systems are being used around the world in homes, restaurants, hotels, motels, dairies, wineries, breweries, conference centers, and manufacturing facilities.

Obsessive quality control is mission-critical to the Crusader brand. Our salt tanks, mineral tanks, and control valves are manufactured with pride in Pentair’s ISO 9001-2000 certified facilities to ensure the highest level of quality and reliability. In addition to using industry-leading Pentair mechanics, our structural matrix resins and innovative electronic controls are specifically engineered in the USA to make our systems stronger, more reliable, and more efficient than our competitors.

Crusader Systems are only sold by Authorized Crusader Dealers who work throughout the country to help people and businesses enjoy the benefits of clean water. These dealers are local plumbing and water treatment professionals, so you will enjoy the confidence of knowing that your system is the highest quality and is being installed and maintained by the best in the area.

Crusader Water Systems

  • Balances your water hardness, chlorine, fluoride, and radon levels.
  • Offers advanced pH control
  • Controls heavy metals such as copper and lead

Active Armour

  • Provides scale and corrosion control.
  • Forms a microscopic barrier on the inner surface of the pipe.
  • Protects pipes, and most often avoids the potential re-piping issues.
  • Re-mineralized RO Drinking Water System
  • Keeps your drinking water fresh, safe, and balanced.
  • Configured to your taste.

ProGuard Integrated Bacteriostatic Media

  • Controls bacteria in your entire system, negating any bacteria related corrosion.
  • Extends the life of the Ion exchange resins.

Why did Retego Labs create this certification?

The certification was created in response to the EPA's recently revised Lead and Copper Rule. Released in December of 2021this rule makes it clear that the homeowner is responsible for the water in their homes AND lowered the safe allowance of metals in your drinking water.

“We wanted to create an easy solution for homeowners that are concerned for the safety of their water. This certification gives every participating homeowner peace of mind that their water is safe, and will remain safe with our proactive approach.” — Les Merrill, President of Retego Labs.

“We offer something really unique with our scientific and industrial backgrounds, and our innovative TTR testing system. We are able custom tailor our products to every home so that they can be assured their water will be safe for years to come.”— Chris Lloyd, Ph.D and Founding Partner

It’s about a lot more than hard or soft water. Know exactly what’s
going on with the water in your home and why it matters.