Is your resolution this year to drink water, specifically pure safe water?

Did you know you can get the safest, purest water for your new year’s resolution straight from your home tap?

New Year’s resolution to drink more pure water? Did you know the purest water doesn’t have to come in a bottle?

Did you make a resolution to drink more water? Did you think about what kind of water you are drinking?

One of the most important ways to increase overall health is making sure you stay hydrated. Improving fitness, losing weight, and improving diet were in the top 4 most popular resolutions in 2021.Amazingly enough, drinking adequate water improves all of these areas. If you have one of these most common resolutions on your list for this year, consider adding drinking enough water to your list.

Take it from our CEO Christopher Lloyd, PhD as stated in his podcast:

“It’s one of the first things people begin to realize when they start thinking more about their waters’ role in health. They begin to notice that hydration helps their digestion.  It helps their weight control.  It helps how they thermally regulate.  It affects how well your muscles function. There’s definite cognitive effects. It even changes how well we think. Dehydration can actually affect our thinking which means our decision making will become less than it should be. The health effects are real and using good, balanced water will immediately move you toward a greater degree of comfort and health.”


In summary, as we all well know, staying hydrated increases our quality of life:

  • Increased Energy
  • Decreased Headaches
  • Weight Loss
  • Maximizing physical performance
  • Stabilizing mood
  • Increased urination
  • Positive organ function
  • Lubricates Joints

You can find out how much water you need from the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

What I want you to know is that even a fluctuation of 3 oz (2% of your water volume) can make differences in how your body functions.

“If you change the amount of water you have in your entire body by more than 100 milliliters  (3.4 oz) or just over 2%, your body immediately goes into a regulatory system. If your body's water is reduced by just 2%, it will give up water from the cells to try and balance the amount. If your body's water is increased by just 2%  it will turn on thirst mechanisms.  You’ll feel a need to drink something or eat something with a higher water content. Your body will immediately begin moving itself back into perfect balance.”  - Christopher Lloyd

Ok ok ok… but what about the quality of water? Does that really even matter? What is the best drinking water?

Water loves to stay balanced. If the minerals in the water that we drink are unbalanced our body will try to make them balanced by drawing what it needs from our cells.

An example from our CEO is as follows:

“That water will immediately begin pulling the minerals that it needs from anything it comes in contact with…  Just like our bodies have methods of homeostasis to bring itself back into balance, water has its own methods of homeostasis and will immediately start dissolving what it needs. The goal is not just perfectly pure water. The goal is perfectly balanced water.”

So in short yes… for your body to be able to quickly and efficiently use the water to hydrate your organs and not deprive your organs of minerals by doing so- it is very important that your water is balanced.

Ok so now I have you convinced balanced water is BEST for your body.

NOW I want to tell you where to get the balanced water and NO it’s not from a bottle! It’s from your tap, in your house.

RETEGO Labs has a patented innovative technology that doesn’t just strip your water of all minerals. It balances your water making it PERFECT for you and your body. It keeps the good minerals, takes away the high levels of harm and customizes it for you in your house on every faucet.

Testing is simple, you may even already have balanced water and we can offer a system to maintain your water system to stay in perfect balance, or we offer treatment to fix your unbalanced tap water.

Our process is simple:

  • First we test your water at your location and convenience with our patented innovative technology.
  • We wait just a few minutes for the results to come back.
  • Then we assess for imbalances in minerals, chemicals, and other risk factors.
  • We either tell you your water is pure and safe for your family OR… We give you options for products that can condition and protect your water to give you balanced water straight from your tap.
  • RETEGO Labs leaves you with peace of mind, knowledge, and pure safe water that makes you the SuperHero in your household. You are providing the best water for your family.  

Tap water is convenient, but, because we can’t see what is in the pipes, many people tend to be hesitant to drink straight from the tap. Here at RETEGO Labs, we offer a customizable solution for your home so you can have pure, safe, clean and optimized water coming straight from your tap. The best part is, it often doesn’t change your current plumbing.


If your goal is to get healthy this year, increasing your water consumption is a great goal! Remember, with the increase in quantity, make sure you get the water quality checked as well. If quality is lacking, consider taking advantage of a water conditioning system like the one developed by RETEGO Labs.