RETEGO Labs New On-Site Safe Water Certification Exceeds Healthy Building Standards

Affordable Water Safety Testing for Residential Homes

Setting a new benchmark for at-home water analysis, RETEGO Labs, announces its new Platinum Custom Tailored (CT) Certification program in conjunction withWorld Water Day. The program rewards homeowners for testing and remediating damaged water problems as they are detected. Certification validates the purity, safety, and correct balance of the water system for homeowners.

“We frequently talk about ‘water damage’ to buildings and its remediation, but do we ever consider “damaged water’ and its risk to health?”asks Les Merrill, CEO for RETEGO Labs. “This certification is a solution to help homeowners ensure compliance with the EPA’s Lead and Copper Rule, without having to repipe their homes. World Water Day is all about bringing clean water to people around the world, and we hope this certification program will encourage homeowners to take the steps necessary to improve their home’s water quality.”

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently updated the Lead and Copper Rule, clarifying that homeowners are ultimately responsible for the quality of their water once it reaches their home, and the Platinum CTCertification is an answer to that responsibility. With 98 percent of buildings tested by Consumer Reports recording levels of PFAS, lead or arsenic above recommended maximums, the time for getting this certification has never been better to ensure safe water in the home.

A number of homeowners have already taken steps to obtain the certification, and they are seeing the difference in their water quality.These homeowners are also seeing improvements in their health and overall wellness, all by simply improving their home’s water.

Eli Martin, one recent Platinum-certified homeowner, installed the system recommended by RETEGO to control a microbial and unbalanced water issue that was causing taste concerns and major equipment failures.

"It only takes me a single day out of town to be reminded what great water I have at home now," said Martin. "Our water no longer has the microbial problem, all because we decided to test and then improve our water. In order to get this certification, RETEGO informed us about our water situation, how the water was impacting us and what we should do to improve it.