The Best Water Test Happens to be the Most Innovative

Have you been thinking about getting your water tested? Have you noticed a funny taste or odor from your tap, or have you seen rust-colored water coming out when you turn on your faucet?

Maybe your reason for getting a water test is to make sure you are keeping your family safe from harsh chemicals.

Or perhaps you’re concerned that there might be lead or copper in your water.

Here are the recommendations from the EPA of when you should test your water.

Regardless of your reason for wanting a water test, RETEGO Labs TTR test is simple. Just click or call and get an expert scheduled to test your water today. Details about this innovative technology are found at the bottom of this post.

There are many options for testing your water ,so if you aren’t convinced that the TTR by RETEGO Labs is the best water test, continue reading to learn more about which type might be right for you. 

GOOD — Free Water Test

There are free options, but these options are not usually customized to your home and they are far from accurate. They might give you broad information, but we don’t recommend using free water tests. 

BETTER — At Home Water Test

When you first google an “at home water test”you are met with some options of mail-in tests. Some options are myTapscore and Everlywell. These mail-in tests have some pros and cons.


Convenience of doing everything online

Results in 5 to 15 days

Professional communications are all online


High possibility of user error

No personal interaction with a professional

The professional doesn’t see the whole picture including your home and pipes

Lower accuracy and precision

High cost $200–$300

BEST — RETEGO Labs patented TTR


Expert testing is conducted in your home

Results in only 20minutes

Reduced risk of sampling, storage or handling errors

Affordable - as low as $100

Cost of the evaluation will be applied toward your RETEGO water system

Highest precision and accuracy of all testing options

Comparable to “Brick and Mortar” laboratory tests


Not available everywhere (YET!!)

HOWEVER, If you don’t live in the current service area (75 mile radius of Salt Lake City, Utah), you can request a mail-in kit.

Why use Retego?

The best water test happens to be one of the most innovative.

Les Merrill, CEO of RETEGO Labs, has spent the majority of his life in the water industry. He has built water systems and plants in several countries and traveled all over the world to test and build water treatment systems. He noticed a gap in the capabilities of the water tests that were available––they were slow, and not always the most precise.

He was certain that there had to be a way to create a water test to fill that gap, one that could work for both residential home owners and field engineers.

After several attempts (and a few failures)the team at RETEGO Labs successfully created the patented TTR field spectrometer device as well as some innovative chemistries to test water in the best way possible.

The TTR field spectrometer device allows field specialists, home owners, and business owners to have their water tested, and get quick results that are accurate and defined in minutes.

“Our TTR offers the highest accuracy ,precision, and speed. Making it the most unique in the field,” says Merrill.

This graphic illustrates how the TTR differs from others in the field:

The TTR is able to make sense of complex data and utilizes the information collected to provide additional predictions about the nature of your water, all within minutes. Check out our Testing Services and get started now!

Call RETEGO Labs to get a water expert to your home today! (801-209-5460).